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2005 Compass Rose Geocoin
The Compass Rose

Compass Rose Geocoin® 2009

Compass Rose 2009 Geocoin


The 2009 Compass Rose Geocoin design comes from a mid 1600s Portuguese map of Brazil. It is made with translucent colors and multiple metal angles in the background. The names of each wind direction encircle the compass rose representing the cardinal and ordinal directions. You can interpret the direction names at the 5th Anniversary Compass Rose Geocoin page.

The backside image is an armillary sphere. Armillary spheres were developed a few hundred years before the birth of Christ, modified several times as new discoveries were made, and used until the late 1700s. Earlier models have Earth placed at the center of the universe, and then later models reflect the sun in the center of the universe. They were used for navigation, but were not as effective as other methods. In addition, they also helped astronomers to understand the heavens. They were great at measuring distances in the heavens and tracking movements of planets, comets, and other objects. But notably related to our special navigation coin series, they were used extensively for training navigators. The armillary sphere design on this coin is from the same era of the compass rose used on the front side.

  • Size: 1.75" diameter
  • Coloring: Imitation hard enamel translucent colors, solid colors, and soft enamel colors.
  • Platings:
    - Polished gold with polished nickel
    - Polished nickel with polished gold
    - Antique bronze with polished nickel
    - Antique silver with polished gold
    - Antique copper with polished nickel
    - Limited edition black nickel with polished nickel
    - Limited edition polished gold with antique bronze (YemonYime version)

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2006 Compass Rose Geocoin series front sides
2009 Compass Rose Geocoin series backsides

Presales started on 13 Nov and ended 24 Nov 2009.

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The Compass Rose
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