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2005 Compass Rose Geocoin
The Compass Rose

5th Anniversary Compass Rose Geocoin®

Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary

2009 is the fifth year of the official Compass Rose Geocoin. This coin celebrates the anniversary by incorporating design aspects of all five years into one coin. It also adds one more special feature of an actual working magnetic compass. This is the first geocoin to have a working compass. Each coin has been given a special theme for navigation achievements world wide. We also added a black nickel Compass Rose Geocoin representing the Black Sea.

This is the first year we have designed a Compass Rose Geocoin that was not based on an actual compass rose used in navigation. Instead, the front side has a blend of designs for all five years of the previous Compass Rose Geocoins. Since this coin was introduced before the official 2009 Compass Rose Geocoin, the fifth year design aspect is only slightly revealed. The backside shows the perils encountered when navigating the seas without good navigation tools such as the compass. From the belief of sea monsters and sirens, to storms and running aground or sinking, open water sailing was the most dangerous occupation of the time.

Spice Island Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Geocoin Antarctic Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Geocoin

Mediterranean Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Geocoin Black Sea Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Geocoin

  • Size: 2" diameter and 7mm thick. Its thickest point is 10mm.
  • Coloring: Imitation hard enamel translucent colors and solid colors.
  • Platings:
    - Spice Island coin is polished nickel and trimmed in 24kt polish gold
    - Mediterranean coin is polished 24kt gold and trimmed in polished nickel
    - Antarctic coin is polished nickel with a glow-in-the-dark color
    - Limited Black Sea coin is polished black nickel
    - Limited YemonYime version is polished 24kt gold
    - There are some sample production coins that are individually numbered and made in a few different colors and finishes.

Each point on the magnetic compass use the symbols of wind directions for the cardinal and ordinal directions. Below is a list of the names for each symbol:

. North North Tramontane
North East North East Gregale
East East Levanter
South East South East Sirocco
South South Ostro
South West South West Libeccio
West West Poniente
North West North West Mistral

Sales for this coin took place in May of 2009.

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How To Get Yours

The Compass Rose Geocoins® and Navigation Geocoins are manufactured and distributed by You can also find them at some of our distributors' stores.

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The Compass Rose
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