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2005 Compass Rose Geocoin
The Compass Rose

Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin®

Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin


Born from the deserts of western Asia, the Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin is made of pure glass and available in three different shades of color. Each coin is individually cut from very thick glass. The coin features a compass rose design on the front side with text on the backside. The compass rose design is extensively sandblasted into the front side to provide a deep relief image for a quality feel. The coin is then put through a delicate hand polishing process to give it a crystal clear appearance. The hand polishing process provides numerous small, flat, and slightly refractive surfaces on the edge making each coin subtly different from another. Due to the large amount of hand labor that goes into making them, it can take anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks to complete a small batch of these coins.

The Crystal Compass Rose Geocoins are approximately 2" in diameter and 7mm thick. Each coin is trackable on, and each colored version of the Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin has its own unique icon for a total of three icons if you have the entire set. The tracking numbers are engraved directly into the surface of each coin preserving its permanence.

Earth Stone Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin Glacier Ice Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin

Amazon Forest Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin

  • Size: 2" diameter and 7mm thick.
  • Glass Types:
    - Glacier Ice Clear
    - Amazon Forest Green
    - Earth Stone Brown

Icons: Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin Glacier Ice Icon  Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin Amazon Forest Icon  Crystal Compass Rose Geocoin Earth Stone Icon

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How To Get Yours

The Compass Rose Geocoins® and Navigation Geocoins are manufactured and distributed by You can also find them at some of our distributors' stores.

The Compass Rose Geocoin series is only available at certain times of the year. Join the mailing list to get notified of when sales are taking place.

The Compass Rose
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